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Bone Augmentation for Implant Placement: An after-hours Q&A session with Dr George
05/04/2017 19:00, London (UK)

Join us for our delegate-led webinar on Bone Augmentation for Implant Placement. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you have about bone augmentation to our panel expert of the month!

Dr George is happy to answer any questions you have in relation to Bone Augmentation, such as treatment planning and timings, material selection, risk factors, and technique. This webinar is aimed at dentists involved in implant dentistry at any level, no question is too basic or too advanced!

Submit your questions to Dr George by email (educationuk@biohorizons.com) by 5pm on Wednesday 29th March and tune in on Wednesday 5th April at 7pm to see the live webinar with case demonstrations designed to answer your questions on bone augmentation. If your submitted question is selected and answered during the webinar, BioHorizons will send you a free sample of MinerOss® 0.5cc, either Cortical or Cancellous allograft material!* 

*Delegates entitled to a free sample, must complete a Human Tissue Contract before the sample is posted. If your question is not used during the webinar you will receive a written answer from George to answer your question.