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Periodontal disease - predicting, detecting and treating
25/05/2017 19:00, London (UK)

Periodontitis is a prevalent disease that can in found in up to 50% of the UK adult population. If diagnosed late and/or poorly managed it can cause a variety of oral problems culminating in tooth loss. Research has demonstrated the significant impact tooth loss has on a patient’s quality of life including aesthetic, functional, dietary and self-esteem. In addition, the importance of periodontitis has been further raised by a number of systemic disease associations with the real possibility that managing periodontitis can improve systemic disease outcomes.

 This webinar aims to update the dental team on some of the key strategies for predicting, managing and treating periodontal disease in practice. Including:

  1. Background data on the prevalence of periodontitis.
  2. How to predict disease - spotting the high risk patient.
  3. What techniques do we have to detect disease in our patients
  4. How to diagnose disease, including an overview of the current periodontal disease classification
  5. What are the key concepts in treating disease
  6. The importance of maintenance