Webinar Details

Details of one of our webinars

Composites (including Fibre reinforced Composites), Matrix Systems and Rubber dam
08/12/2016 19:30, London (UK)

Improvements in equipment and materials are key factors in providing the clinician and the patient with new minimally invasive choices.  This webinar will take you through very relevant subjects like Fibre reinforced composite, the unique Dry-Dam, different matrix systems with extra focus on the FenderWedge® & FenderMate® system for posterior composites.

The Fender range is a relatively new type of sectional matrix system. This innovative system allows for an adjacent wedge and protecting shield to be used in order to safeguard both the teeth and the gingiva when preparing and drilling the affected tooth.

Different systems to produce quick, easy and highly predictable results will be discussed and many other useful tips and tricks will be covered.

By the end of the course delegates should have a good knowledge of:

Composite restorations with a difference – alternative uses for composites

Different matrix systems & how to overcome the big problem of open inter-proximal contacts and “food trapping” and at the same time also achieve a good marginal seal.

How the correct matrix system can assist you when doing posterior composites.

The  importance of rubber dam in obtaining safer and more predictable treatment outcomes in adhesive dentistry and endodontics.

The “gum shade”  (pienk composites) –where and when to use them.